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  • Personalized Career Development Strategies
  • Professional Growth and Transition
  • Effective Job Search Techniques
Who am I

I am a Career Counselor skilled in crafting strategies for individuals at various stages of their professional journey

With a master's degree in career counseling, I bring over 30 years of experience in higher education, focusing since 2008 on career counseling and employee development. My expertise is in assisting young adults and their parents, as well as supporting professionals seeking new directions, providing tailored guidance to navigate their unique career paths

In my tenure at a world-renowned research university, I have gained extensive experience hiring, supervising, and coaching not just students, but individuals from various backgrounds, enhancing their marketable skills for a range of careers both inside and outside of higher education.

My expertise extends beyond the university setting, having also served as an academic and career counselor at community colleges. This experience has exposed me to a broad spectrum of individuals, each facing unique challenges in their career journeys, from those exploring vocational paths to those requiring further academic preparation.

I am passionate about assisting clients of all ages, especially young adults and their families, as they navigate complex transitions. My approach emphasizes personalized coaching, skill-building, and practical job search strategies to help clients discover their unique strengths and potential career paths.

Understanding the complexities faced during career transitions, I am committed to providing a supportive and nurturing environment for all my clients. I pride myself on connecting personally with each client, understanding their individual needs, and guiding them through challenges and uncertainties in the workplace.

With a holistic approach to career coaching, I emphasize not only achieving professional goals but also cultivating confidence, resilience, and essential life skills. My support extends beyond exploring career options and preparing for job interviews; I also focus on strategies for sustained employment and advancement within the workplace. Whether navigating the complexities of the modern job market or excelling and progressing in a current role, I am dedicated to providing guidance and support at every stage of your professional journey.

Working together, we aim to unlock potential, align career choices with personal values, and confidently step into the future, regardless of the client's age or career stage.

Why work with me

Navigating Career Pathways Together

If you're watching a loved one face challenges in their career journey, let's work together to guide them toward a fulfilling and independent future.

How we work

The key to success


Expertise & Experience:

  • Master's degree in career counseling.
  • A three-decade career in higher education.
  • Guided hundreds of emerging adults on their transformative journey to adult independence.

Empathic & Supportive:

  • I address the fears young adult face during this time of transition.
  • I holistically manage the overwhelm and uncertainty that young adults face, along with their parents' concerns.
  • My commitment extends beyond career guidance. Empathy is the cornerstone of my approach.

Life skills Development & Uncovering Hidden Talents:

  • Focus on developing clients' confidence, resilience, and life skills.
  • Harness their unique strengths, interests, and passions to cultivate a sense of purpose and direction.
  • Together we create a roadmap to authentic professional fulfillment and achievement.

Career Guidance

I'm here every step of the way with my clients as

  • We explore academic and career avenues
  • Gear up for interviews
  • Decode the intricacies of the modern job market

Navigating Career Pathways Together:

Whether you're a parent supporting your young adult's career development or an individual seeking guidance for your own professional journey, my services cater to both needs. I offer a unique blend of experience and tailored strategies to help navigate through career challenges, aiming towards a fulfilling and independent future. Together, we will collaborate to unlock potential, align career goals with personal aspirations, and confidently embrace the next steps in the career journey, regardless of the starting point.

Why Act Now:

Delay in decision-making risks lost opportunities. Immediate, informed action builds positive momentum, setting the stage for a thriving career. Let's chart a path toward clarity, satisfaction, and tangible success.


What mentees say

Sean D.

Sean D.

Karen O.

Karen O.

Carmen C.

Carmen C.

Sandra R.

Sandra R.

Thomas's guidance over the years has been enormously important in understanding my own goals and overcoming the difficulties I've had in pursuing them. He takes a genuine interest not only in your career, but also in how it relates to the other aspects of your life. He has a way of re-articulating your priorities in a way which simplifies and clarifies them.

“As a first-generation student at UCLA, my focus during my undergraduate studies was solely on doing well academically. It wasn't until my second year, when I crossed paths with Thomas, that everything changed. He ignited a fire within me, making me realize the vital significance of career planning.”

“Thomas was my first supervisor after graduating college and we have kept in touch for almost two decades. In addition to being a wonderful boss, he has mentored and coached me throughout my many career journeys in government, politics, and nonprofits.”

“As a 2020 college graduate, I faced a lot of uncertainty due to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic. I had the opportunity to work under Thomas' leadership at UCLA, and throughout this time he was a consistent and stellar mentor. He organized biweekly meetings to chat about my career goals, took the time to read and revise my resume, and helped me prepare for interviews.”